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Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation


Choosing a skilled care or rehabilitation center whether for short-term or long-term care, for yourself or your loved one is a very important decision.  Quality of care and quality of life are important components to consider in your decision making process.  Often, there is very little time to explore options before a decision must be made.  At Bethlen Home, the experienced staff can assist you in the transition from the hospital to Bethlen to home or recommend the appropriate care environment to meet your needs.  

Bethlen Home–The Facility

With a history of more than 90 years providing care for the very young to the elderly, Bethlen Home opened its newly constructed skilled nursing replacement facility in June 2005.  The Home is a modern building with five patient/resident care units.  Patients are admitted into a specific unit based on their medical, physical, psychological, and social needs as determined by family and staff.

Of its 96 beds, Bethlen Home is offers 40 private beds, 48 toe to toe semi-private beds that are separated by a partition giving the sense of privacy, and 8 traditional side by side beds.   All rooms are completely furnished; however, residents and their families are encouraged to bring some personal items to provide for a more home-like atmosphere.  Space and long-term care regulations determine what is allowable. 

Friendship Gardens:

The Friendship Gardens: Dementia Memory Care Unit is a specialty care secure wing within Bethlen Home focusing on care for those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.  Admitting and discharging criteria apply to this specialized Care Unit.  Staff within the Friendship Gardens are specially trained to provide the highest quality care for those with beginning to moderate memory loss.  To aid in the management of the dementia, carefully designed, daily activities and programming prepared especially for those with memory loss are planned for much of the day.  A secure outdoor garden area is also available to residents of the unit and their families.

Other Services and Amenities:

The dietary department is available to prepare and assist with food preferences and requests during the meal service.  Food services include omelets made to order once a week, ala carte menu, evening snacks and holiday family dinners.  Bethlen Home will provide a nutritional assessment for each individual and recommend diets.

As a faith based organization, Bethlen Communities makes every effort to meet the expressed spiritual needs of patients, residents, and their families.  A full time chaplain is available to the Home’s residents.  Church services in English and Hungarian are offered weekly on Sunday mornings.

A beauty salon and gift shop are also on site.  Additionally, a wide range of activities appropriate to the residents’ ability and interests are planned each month. These activities are important as they provide opportunity for the resident to engage with others as well as for mental stimulation and physical movement.

Bethlen Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Services

Bethlen Home provides short and long term rehabilitation and skilled nursing services.  Patients may require one service or both services simultaneously.   Understanding everyone’s desire to get home, Bethlen Home recognizes a holistic approach serves the individual well.  This includes all departments working together to ensure that individual goals are met.    

Rehabilitation Services:

Bethlen Home can provide our residents with licensed physical, occupational, and speech therapists. The goal of short-term rehabilitation is to return the individual to their pre-event level of function so they may successfully return home or to a lesser supervision of care.  Bethlen Home’s therapy suite is specially designed to afford the highest success rate for patients to safely regain strength, balance and function.  Activities of daily living tasks are accomplished in the suite’s fully furnished kitchen, bathroom and bedroom settings.

Bethlen Home is prepared to handle patients experiencing an unfortunate, unexpected onset of illness as well as those who have pre-planned elective surgeries.  It is Bethlen’s objective to understand the patient’s goals, and to assist each individual in returning to the highest level of function, and therefore, to regain independence.  To support in the transition of care, a Bethlen Case Manager is assigned to all short-term patients to assist in the management of acute/critical health concerns due to a recent hospitalization. This same Case Manager as well as Social Services work closely with the entire rehabilitation team to promote patients returning to their pre-event level of function.  Most admissions to Bethlen Home are made to the short-term rehabilitation wing that has 10 private rooms and 6 toe-to-toe, semi-private beds that are separated by a partition, and 4 side-by-side, semi-private beds.  All rooms have a full bath so that showering can take place within the room setting.

The rehabilitation department can provide creative and interesting therapeutic projects making exercise enjoyable.  For example, the patients built a gingerbread cottage during the holiday season. Standing, stretching and finger dexterity were side benefits for the patients who enjoyed displaying their completed handiwork as a holiday decoration.  

Skilled Nursing Services:

Bethlen Home is dually certified by Medicare and Medicaid and must maintain compliance with all Federal and state regulations.  The Department of Health’s nursing care division and life safety division annually inspect nursing homes to assess regulatory compliance.  One regulation requires that nursing homes have 24-hours of registered nurse coverage.  Currently under the nursing home compare 5 star rating system, Bethlen Home is above average for registered nurse hours.  This commitment to patient/resident care provides Bethlen Home the opportunity to succeed in meeting today’s patient/resident care challenges.  Skilled nursing service in collaboration with the rehabilitation staff manage, observe and evaluate care.  Examples of the skilled nursing care provided at Bethlen include IV therapy, nutrition support, and wound care with the professional staff listed below:   

  • Experienced Rehabilitation Registered nurses
  • Certified Wound, Ostomy, Continence Clinical Nurse Specialist (CWOCN)
  • Wound Treatment Associate Nurse (WTA)
  • Registered Dietician
  • Medical director (to provide oversight for clinical quality and medical policies/practices)
  • Licensed practical nurses

Plan of Care

As individuals, we are uniquely defined by our personalities that have been forged over a lifetime.  Simply entering a nursing home is not a loss of individuality.  In meeting the needs of each resident, a Plan of Care is developed.  The physician drives the Plan of Care.  A resident has the right to choose a physician who has privileges at the Bethlen Home.  Physicians visit on a regular basis.  In support of the physician is the facilities Inter-disciplinary Care Plan Team.  In conjunction with the physician’s orders, the team is responsible for assessing and formulating an individual Plan of Care.

 Some integral components to the plan of Care involve nutrition, socialization, and spiritual needs.  Our in-house dietician is responsible for providing balanced nutritional, appetizing meals as prescribed by the attending physician.  Resident food preferences are always considered given the resident’s needs.  Bethlen has a Social Services Director, Activities Department and Pastoral Care Services to meet the psychosocial, emotional and spiritual needs of our residents.  Our Social Services and Pastoral Care Services are available to provide resident and family support and to address concerns that can affect the well-being of our residents and families.  The Activities Department provides for various activities such as crafts, games, movies, parties and special entertainment.  

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