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Help us reflect on Bethlen’s first century of care as we anxiously step into the next 100 years. We are asking for you to share your favorite Bethlen story, and to donate today to help us make many new memories with our staff and residents for years to come. 

Building loving stories

When we reflect back on a life well lived, we don’t count the years, we count the many beautiful memories that were made and the lives that were touched. We think back to the individual chapters that culminate into the wonderful story of our lives.

At Bethlen, we feel honored to stand beside our residents during this chapter of their lives. Our caregivers are here to create a loving home for our residents, and to join them in making new memories that are filled with laughter and friendship. 

As a trusted member of the community for 100 years, we have seen entire generations pass through Bethlen’s doors. We love hearing the countless heartwarming stories shared by our friends, caregivers and volunteers. Whether it’s the caregiver who now reads to the same elementary teacher who helped her learn how to read, or the nurse that plays cards with the kind gentleman that was once her neighbor. 

At 100 years, our story is far from over, and in many ways it feels like it’s just beginning!

We are working hard to build an even better Bethlen that includes upgrading our equipment and facilities, increasing access to training for our care team, and incorporating cutting-edge technology into our daily operations – but we need your support to help execute our vision.  

How else can your support make a difference? At Bethlen we put community and exceptional care above all else. We strive to provide compassionate care to our neighbors, no matter their financial situation, which is made possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

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Sharing your bethlen story

We love hearing the countless heartwarming stories shared by our friends, caregivers, and volunteers.

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Help us provide compassionate care to our neighbors, no matter their financial situation.

There are many more stories to be told

Please give the gift of a story today and help Bethlen provide exemplary care to even more members of the community. If you have any photos or videos that you would like to share alongside your story, please upload them below.

Full Stories

As President of HRFA, I often attended BOD meetings at the Bethlen Home.  After one of the meetings, I met an elderly gentleman in his 90’s who was an orphan at the Bethlen Home.  He spent 15 years at the orphanage run by the Bethlen Home and during the summers, he worked on a nearby farm. Subsequently, he became a successful businessman, and he attributed his success to the care he received at the Bethlen Home.  His personal story inspired me to appreciate what the Bethlen Home did for so many. 

Leslie Laszlo Megyeri, Attorney, Washington, DC

I earned an MA degree in gerontology from The George Washington University in the 80’s, and for years, dealt with my own father who lived in an elder care setting, but whenever I accompanied my husband to Ligonier for meetings at the Bethlen Home, I was aware of the spiritual caregiving there that so many of such facilities lack.  For example, Rev. Posta, Rev. Jalso, Rev. Nitsch, Rev. Torok, Rev. Komjathy, Rev. Varga, Rev. Otvos, Rev. Drotos, Rev. Medgyesi, and Rev. Ludwig were all spiritual advisors who made the Bethlen Home unique, and they were always on call to meet the needs of residents, their families, and staff.  

And then there was caring and competent Helen Nitsch who regularly gathered news of people and events for the Bethlen Naptar/Almanac.  How I admired her tenacity and diligence in sharing all that was good about the institution. 

But most of all, I marveled at the goodwill between the Bethlen Home and the Ligonier townsfolk who were supportive of the facility and held its history in high regard. The 100th Anniversary collection of testimonials from all who care for the Bethlen Home speaks volumes about the impact it has made on so many lives, the memories we share of picnics, gatherings, and meetings, and the joy we found with others who knew what a very special place this was and who will never forget all those who made it an integral part of Ligonier’s history.

Kathy Megyeri, wife of Leslie Laszlo Megyeri, Washington, DC