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Our Mission

Bethlen Communities Mission

Our Mission:    

  • To provide a healthy and nurturing living environment for individuals, with particular emphasis on those individuals with special needs due to age or infirmity. 
  • To provide a retreat and conference center for organizations of the Greater Ligonier community and for members of the Greater American-Hungarian community. 
  • To preserve, nurture and celebrate the unique history of the American-Hungarian people for the benefit of current and future generations.   

We will accomplish our mission by: 

  • The operation of a home for people of retirement age and older, offering independent living, personal care and nursing facilities at levels of service encompassing a complete continuum of care for such individuals. 
  • The provision of Christian understanding, compassion and a sense of belonging to those whose needs may be physical, psychological, social, financial, and/or spiritual in nature through a full range of high quality healthcare, housing, conference and other related community and cultural services which will contribute to the wholeness of the body, mind, and spirit. 
  • The fostering and nurturing of the spiritual, cultural and ecumenical objectives of the Hungarian Reformed faith and the Greater American-Hungarian community. 
  • The establishment of an appropriate setting for the display of items of historical and cultural significance to the Greater American-Hungarian community.

Our Vision: 

Serve others believing all things are possible through faith and dedication. 

Our Values: 

  • Compassion – Commitment to our residents, their families and the community.
  •  Leadership – Inspire others, rise to challenges & work through adversity. 
  • Respect – Work with integrity to cultivate trust and always do what’s right. 
  • Teamwork – Collaborate with others and create a culture of inclusion. 
  • Excellence – Exceed expectations and take pride in everything you do.